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BEMS - Building Energy Management Systems

Building Energy Management

In the European Union (EU), around 40% of all energy is used for buildings. Room heating and cooling account for 85% of this, while electrical energy, especially for lighting, accounts for 15%. There is enormous potential for optimising energy use. Along with thermal insulation and the use of energy-efficient devices, building automation plays a key role here. A building only becomes intelligent when all heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, shading and other systems are fully connected. This is the key to energy efficiency and optimising operating costs.

Room conditions are a key factor for our well-being, our performance and our health. One aim of room automation therefore is to create comfortable room conditions for users and to ensure appropriate comfort when a room is being used. This should be achieved using as little energy as possible. If rooms are used for various purposes, using them in an optimum manner which takes into account the changing circumstances helps to reduce energy costs, protect the environment and conserve energy resources.

Smart Building Energy Management & Monitoring

The configurable LCS entry models allow easy operation based on current or desired values and room temperature as well as control of valves and flaps in a housing. In addition to providing typical HVAC automation functions, all other LCS controllers and operating devices provide a basis for more complex programming and communication tasks.

The controllers are based on PLCs and offer numerous key advantages which benefit users in the long run. The devices are designed for long-term production which means the availability of spare parts and repair services is guaranteed well into the future.

Because the devices and their modular hardware and software are freely programmable, you can develop solutions which meet all the current and future demands of your customers and users.

Existing systems can easily be adapted to take into account new requirements. Because our program codes are interpreted and not compiled, a high level of portability for various processors is possible – even across generations. All of this helps to protect your investments – and the environment.