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Building Automation & BMS Services

If it’s a new, upgrade or retrofit system you require, we have a dedicated in-house team to deliver just that.

With our own design engineers, programmers, experienced project managers, we can take care of your install and replacement needs across all BMS services from start to finish all in house.

We offer a wide range of solutions in a number of sectors:-

Building Automation

HVAC Management 80% of life cycle costs are incurred during the operating phase of a building. Half of this comprise energy costs which could be reduced with an intelligent building automation system. A building only becomes intelligent when all heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, shading and other systems are fully connected. This is the key to energy efficiency, in the process optimizing the operating costs of a building.

LCS provides innovative, cost-effective control solutions and web-based facility integration designs across a spectrum of facility types including Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Universities,

Government Facilities and Retail locations. Whether your needs are basic replacement control components or a fully integrated solution, we provide the technologies and support.

Automated Energy Management & Efficiency

Why pay more than you have to? LCS devises strategic solutions to help clients across all sectors, reduce energy consumption and costs. Heating, cooling, blinds, ventilation and even the lighting will all work together in harmony to maximise your energy saving. By intelligently managing your heating and cooling systems, we can produce some significant energy savings. Your system will always try to achieve your desired temperature in the most cost-effective manner. Your standby devices and other power guzzlers will be automatically turned off when they’re not needed.

Metering- See in real time usage, record data of all utilities and the ability to sub meter rooms & individual devices for automatic billing options, this can be done without interruption to the electricity supply. The data from the field devices captured is automatically further processed and visualised clearly by the controller. The system provides a high level of transparency in regards to resource consumption – whether there are just a few measuring points or thousands of measuring locations in various properties.

Fire & Safety

If a fire breaks out in a room, monitoring devices and sensors will detect this and raise the alarm. As a result, the exact location of the fire can be determined. The sensors also detect whether there are people in the area involved. If no one is in the room, the air supply can be stopped, thus helping to contain the fire. If there are people in the room, more air will be fed in in order to reduce the risk of toxic smoke inhalation. At the same time, building-related measures such as activating fire shutters or closing doors are taken to prevent the fire from spreading further. It must also be ensured that escape routes are properly lit in order to minimize the risk of injury and allow people to find their way in the event of an emergency.

BMS Services

We at LCS know how important continuous trouble free system operations are to our clients, and as such place a big emphasis on our countrywide service department. We offer a range of different service solutions, from service contracts to preemptive callouts, and remote access.

Electrical distribution

Decide for yourself how electricity is distributed in a building –our systems make it possible with an individually configurable electricity supply control system. As a result, only the energy that is really needed is used – an important cost consideration from an operations, maintenance and energy point of view.

With the help of appropriate controllers, electrical distribution in a building can be linked to the electricity supply. This makes it easier to monitor systems and keep track of them. For example, energy can be saved by switching off certain sockets in a building at a specific time. For example, switching off the power supply for a photocopier all night can optimize energy use. The same applies to many other electronic devices which do not need to be ready for use round the clock. And this benefits not only your finances but also the environment!

Other intelligent functions register when there is a power cut in a specific hotel room or part of a production hall. In this case, an alarm message is sent directly so that the problem can be rectified as quickly as possible. Solutions from LCS therefore not only have a positive effect on your budget but also help to ensure your safety.

Room Automation

Energy efficient, cost effective, individual room control!

As we spend most of our time in enclosed rooms, IAQ conditions will therefore play a key role in our health, well-being and productivity. Room automation will create optimal comfortable room conditions while using as little energy as possible reducing running costs and emissions. The key factors here are influenced by various groups of systems in the building, e.g. HVAC (room temperature, air quality) and electrics (lighting and shading). In order to keep control of these factors, various groups of systems need to interact. This is possible thanks to automation functions which work across system groups and the use of suitable components.

Safety / Security

The bigger the building, the more important safety and security become – not only when it comes to preventing unauthorized access or break-ins but also with regard to possible fire risks. With a comprehensive automation solution using our controllers, protection for a building and the people inside it can be improved significantly. The correct ventilation and lighting systems as well as interactions between the two systems play an essential role here. In the event of a fire, the access control system has another important function: opening and closing specific doors allows escape routes to be created and prevents the fire spreading.

Further safety benefits

Correct ventilation and lighting are essential in the event of an emergency. All systems communicate with each other, but this happens not only in the event of an emergency. For example, regular checks are carried out to determine whether the batteries in illuminated emergency exit signs for example need to be replaced or whether the camera monitoring systems require maintenance.

Billing and Monitoring

Field devices will measure and record usage for all utilities including water, gas and electricity. With the interiors of a modern building constantly changing the ability to sub meter parts or individual units gives the user more flexibility as the building evolves for new needs. This solution can offer everything from automatic data recording of meter readings, automation of the whole energy billing process, ability to implement a top up style meter as well as tracking the source of an energy loss.


When you engage LCS you are tapping into our years of experience and vast wealth of knowledge gained within the industry in a number of sectors from building control to infrastructures


We install, integrate and maintain the systems that keep your buildings comfortable, productive and energy efficient. By applying a range of HVAC & Electricity controls, our systems are designed to monitor demand and operate intelligently within a pre-defined set of parameters in order to avoid unnecessary use of energy.


LCS has extensive experience in creating tailor made solutions for multi-site projects. Control and monitor multiple sites remotely and securely, be it through a single control room, or through multiple control rooms. Using Web based and/or cellular solutions safely and securely.


With years of experience working alongside some of Israel’s top hospitals, our systems don’t just provide energy efficiencies, but also monitor control and provide minute by minute reports and advance warnings on sensitive and critical systems that save human life. Completed projects include: Operating theatres, ICUs, MRI systems, laboratories, emergency hospital bunkers, donor banks and more.

Education / Campuses

LCS has extensive experience in creating tailor made solutions for multi-site projects. Control and monitor multiple sites remotely and securely, be it through a single control room, or through multiple control rooms. Using Web based and/or cellular solutions safely and securely.

Industrial & Environmental
  • Data Centers

    Effectively and efficiently manage server rooms and data centers using advanced systems that provide thermal imaging for monitoring heat and energy usage. (Live reporting, advanced warnings and data collection.)

  • Industrial and water purification

    We design economical and value based solutions for water & waste water treatment solutions helping to create maximum productivity and long-term benefit.